Exosite Collaborates with Renesas Electronics Americas on Cloud-Connected Development Systems

We are excited to announce our collaboration with Renesas Electronics Americas on cloud-enabling their RX62N micro-controller development kits! Check out the Business wire press release.

The goal: Make it super easy for RX62N MCU developers to build devices that have cloud connectivity.

The effort encompasses embedded firmware software libraries, cloud connectivity APIs, our One Platform cloud-based data platform, and a dedicated web-dashboard interface at https://renesas.exosite.com.

Exosite API library and example software ships in source code form “in the kit” for Renesas, and is also part of the off-the-shelf user experience. New development kit users can open the box up and see data from their kit online in less than five minutes. Developer web dashboards and API access is free – checkout the getting started video at https://renesas.exosite.com.

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