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Plug and play or customized your way.

Device Data Visualization for Users

User Access & Experience Design

Build precise user experiences and access levels for your customers and employees in just a few quick steps.

Create multiple user access & hierarchies

Data is power. Decide exactly who can view and access different levels of information, creating hierarchies and display options quickly and securely.


Design user interfaces with custom data, dashboards, and widgets based on user hierarchy or product line.


Completely customize the look and feel of the user interface to reflect your colors, logo, and branding.

Data Visualization Dashboard

Customizable Dashboards

Coding widgets costs time and money. Drag, drop, and customize as much or as little as you choose.

Choose & use

Twenty off-the-shelf, drag-and-drop widgets are yours to implement immediately. Select the widget and relevant data – it automatically starts running and reading on your dashboard.

Want your own widgets?

No problem. Create & integrate your own functionality as you choose. It’s up to you.

No coding required to visualize data
Remote Devices

Manage Devices & Product Lines

Add and manage as many devices or product lines as you choose.

No user setup required

Devices can be plug and play, with pre-configured dashboards, functionality, and alerts all chosen by you.


Manage multiple devices, product lines, and user experiences all from one account. It’s that simple.


Manage device behaviors for your entire connected product line. Configure models and deploy to production.

Managing Cloud Devices from Exosites Platform

In-Field Updates

Smooth, easy, and updated anywhere you want.

Firmware over the air

Push updates through our system to devices anywhere.

Targeted device Updates

Update one device, an entire fleet of devices, or an entire product line — you choose.

Simple & Instant

Upload your firmware to Exosite. Devices automatically check in to confirm versioning and download the latest update if needed. Done.

Iot Installation made easy


Use ours or create your own. Our open APIs allow users to easily develop custom apps to interface with our platform.

Customize web app

Open APIs allow custom web apps to interface with our platform.

iOS/Android Mobile App

Use our iOS/Android app framework to build apps that can set up new users, new accounts, and then some. Simple, easy, and ready to be built.

app Development, fast-tracked

We provide open source frameworks & example code to assist and expedite your app development process.

Start development & consulting today.

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