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Start making Device Client API calls in just a few steps. No credit card is required for developer accounts. When your ready to scale our your M2M application, upgrade your account to our OEM Whitelabel and go to market!

Machine-to-machine (M2M) applications have given businesses the capability to monitor, control and manage the operation of remote assets. And with advancements in wireless communications, embedded systems and IP networking has made it possible for nearly any machine or device in any industry to be connected to the internet.

While this capability increase the value to enterprise to build connected products and machine-to-machine applications, it also creates massive complexities for developers when designing a reliable and scalable solution.

Exosite engineered a cloud-based M2M Platform that allows developers and businesses to take advantage of off-the-shelf tools and resources to accelerate connected product development. Using our M2M platform as a Service (PaaS), businesses can reduce the time-to-market, lower development cost and simplify M2M application development in an environment designed specifically for building connected solutions.

Application development – Our M2M platform allows you to quickly create a connected cloud device. The platform enables device communication, stores and retrieves data, process rules and sends dispatches and alerts out to critical stakeholders. Through our APIs, users can access the data off their connected cloud devices and build custom M2M applications that can process real-time data feeds.

Device management framework– Businesses can leverage our framework to manage millions of device connections. A shortlist of functionality includes: device provisioning, content management, firmware updates and real-time status information and control.

Hosted m2m infrastructure – The M2M platforms infrastructure is distributed, redundant and fault tolerant. We architected the system with all of the required pieces for managing and building connected products. M2M application developers will enjoy data processing, storage, application connections, cataloging of data, security, server back-ups, fall-over functions, web service support and more.

Exosite has enabled businesses with the ability to take data off their systems and environments to create new revenue streams, control cost and improve their products and services. Exosite will manage your infrastructure and load balancing while you focus on building your M2M applications.

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