What is
One Platform?

Exosite’s data platform is a hosted-served based system that removes barriers to market entry and empowers companies to quickly prototype and deploy their own Internet of Things (IoT) solution using our web service APIs. Our system is architected with product developers in mind, meaning it has a built-in framework that eliminates the complexities of infrastructure and simplifies IoT development. One Platform makes it easy for product developers to create cloud-capable products.

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Cloud Data Platform – IoT Development

Internet of Things (Iot) Development Platform

We’re built in the cloud.

If scalable, reliable, load “bursting” access to your data is as important to you as it is to us, then you’ll benefit from our cloud data platform. But that’s not all. Utilize our market-tested technologies to quickly prototype new IoT ideas without thinking about or investing in infrastructure. Turn your ideas into reality and deploy those same ideas globally with our enterprise class software.

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Fully customizable. Easy to implement.

Exosite doesn’t target vertical markets, we enable them. And that’s exactly how we built our data platform. A backend that’s lightweight and flexible, designed to make it easy to connect any product, in any industry. And a frontend that is fully customizable to meet the needs of your enabled product solution. Exosite’s cloud technologies are truly enabling the Internet of Things.

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M2M Platform for Embedded Products

Intelligent communications.

If your device can open a web socket, then you can communicate with our data platform. How you communicate, that’s your choice. If you are one of few words? Checkout our UDP API. Like to make sure you’re heard? Then check out our HTTP API. Or perhaps you like your lexicon to be a bit more commanding? Peruse our JSON RPC API. Do you need to join a group of thousands? Then you should take a peek at our Provisioning API.

Find your favorite API to communicate with us.

Platform for Connected Products
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