Keeping you connected
to your devices and to
your customers

Easy to brand and set up OEM apps.

Building a graphical interface to communicate with your deployed devices is no small task. Exosite Portals, a web app fully integrated with our One Platform provides everything you need to interact with your devices and data. Device OEMs can unlock even more M2M value by quickly creating multi-tiered subdomains to launch a customer-facing applications. Learn More




See your data — in real time.

With off-the-shelf tools, you will be visualizing your device data in no time. Drag and drop widgets give you the power to configure and build custom dashboards that display critical information to empower effective decisions.

Talk with your device.

One admin to rule them all.

Our device management web portal provides a centralized environment to securely communicate, monitor and manage your deployed devices. Send commands, configure I/O, whitelist product lines and keep your deployed fleet current with over-the-air in-field updates.


Want to build your own app?

No problem – we encourage people to leverage the power of our data platform to create their own custom applications. Head over to our developer area to learn how.
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