Think millions of smart devices simultaneously communicating worldwide within a secure cloud-based platform. With more and more added each day.

Going dark or into overload is not an option. Your platform needs to grow as your business
—as all business—does.

That’s why Exosite’s platform is built on an Erlang-based infrastructure.

Erlang boasts 2 decades of deployments on massively scalable production systems—and businesses—such as:

Facebook, Amazon, Ericsson, WhatsApp, Yahoo!


Created for telecom, Erlang is a programming language and runtime environment delivering the keys to reliable and elastic IoT applications:

Concurrency, Distribution, Fault Tolerance

Most IoT platforms are Java, top to bottom.
We design for what best serves
each part of the tech stack.

Here’s why, at a glance

One Platform, Erlang-based
One Platform, Erlang-based

Extremely scalable, cost-competitive solutions

Inherent security, scalability, & reliability challenges

1 kb memory to spin up new processes on the cloud

512 kb memory to spin up new processes on the cloud

Efficient use of server resources (memory, CPU, I/0, network, disk)

Inefficient use of server resources


Servers around the world

Redundancy, bandwidth, & accessibility are forever near & far.
We can spin up instances of our platform anywhere in the world to meet your demands.

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