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The age of IoT is here.

Your industry is evolving rapidly. Are you?

Exosite's software and business solutions will power your smart industry digital transformation and fast-track your success.

IoT Experts & Obsessives

We are a global IoT software company powering the connected world through comprehensive technology and business solutions. We're the new breed of geek, building smarter.

Tech-Driven Digital Transformation

Our range of integrative offerings will guide your business's digital metamorphosis. We've thought of everything already, and we'll map out your success.

A B4B Team-Up Approach

No matter where you are on your IoT journey, we're ready to partner with you, every step of the way. Let's work together to find your best path forward.

From Concept Validation to Commercialization, We've Got Everything You Need for IoT Success

"After deploying the Parker SCOUT system, we were able to deliver additional value for our customers while creating a sustainable business model that has allowed us to evolve from a product offering to a product and service offering."

Parker, Quick Coupling Division

Parker's Condition Monitoring Predicts Equipment Failure.

Parker Hannifin's simple industrial IoT monitoring solution is specifically designed to eliminate the challenges of predictive maintenance.

Genie Keeps Pace With an Exploding Home Automation Market.

Genie kept the competition at bay with new security and control solutions for the home automation market.

Victor Revolutionized the Rodent Control Industry

The Kill-@lert Remote Notification System revolutionizes modern-day pest control by using wireless technology to inform users when a trap has been tripped.

  • Industrial Condition Monitoring

  • Home Automation Safety and Security

  • Smart Building Management

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