We were doing this before “IoT” was even a thing.

Exosite is a mix of IoT-obsessed experts who provide enterprise IoT solutions, powered by our platform, to accelerate your success.

We’ve been connecting things to the Internet for years and have helped customers transform from traditional into connected to optimize cost, eclipse the competition, and create new revenue.









It’s us vs. your problem.

We believe in a B4B, team-up approach. From exploration to commercialization, we’ll work together to accelerate your success with our complete IoT solutions and business services.

Murano, our heart of hearts.

Our enterprise IoT platform is at the center of all that we do. It’s secure, scalable, integrates with other services and cloud platforms, and has gained a lot of attention from some pretty big names.

Meet our leadership.

We are at a unique and pivotal moment in history. Smart-connected products will redefine entire markets and the very nature of competition over the coming decade, and the key to success tomorrow is directly proportional to an organization’s ability to transform themselves into a digital enterprise today.

Mark Benson
Chief Technology Officer

Exosite represents a unique combination of truly differentiated technology, subject matter expertise, and passion for ensuring customer success. That is what makes me excited to be here every day.

Lizabeth Converse
Chief Operating Officer

From our humble beginnings–literally in my garage–we’ve grown to become IoT industry leaders. Throughout that time, we’ve remained true to our roots in ensuring our team remains accessible to our customers and focused on their success.

Hans Rempel
Chief Executive Officer

Real phone numbers you can dial—with actual humans who answer.

We won’t leave you hanging.


275 Market Street, Suite 535
Minneapolis, MN 55405 U.S.A.
+1 612.353.2161


Wenxin Road, Section 4, #955, 22F-1
Taichung, 40654, Taiwan R.O.C.
+886 422.471.623


14F-B, No.132, Sec. 3, Minsheng E.Rd., Songshan Dist.,
Taipei City, 10596, Taiwan R.O.C.
+886 225.473.105