Come IoT or High Water: Exosite at WQA 2017

WQA 2017

Drinkable water is something that most people take for granted. Many have little understanding of how much effort it takes to keep water quality up to standards, which is hard to believe since so much depends on water being readily available. It’s essential for water quality professionals to know how well their facilities are performing …

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Exosite Brings the IoT @ IFPE 2017

IFPE 2017

The new “Industrial Evolution” is upon us, and fluid power is riding the IoT wave with powerful solutions that substantially upgrade their systems. By utilizing smart technology, fluid power companies are reducing downtime, decreasing maintenance costs, and improving labor efficiency. The International Fluid Power Expo (IFPE) only happens every three years and features some of …

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Finishing Up the Framework


We’ve come a long way over the last few months in establishing a clear enterprise IoT framework for industrial OEMs creating an IoT strategy for their organization. With these best practices you can move forward understanding the importance of collaboration, creativity, and open communication between divisions. The IoT trend is forcing organizations out of their …

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The Customer is (Usually) Right, Listen to Feedback

Frequent Feedback

When it comes to creating a connected product, some companies get caught up in the excitement of new development and forget to ask one simple question. Do customers really want it? This week in the enterprise IoT framework series, we’ll dive into that question and discuss ways to improve the relationship to your market. Most …

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