Capture What Really Matters: Data Collection for IoT

Data Collection

As suggested in one of our earlier blogs, the real value of your connected product is its ability to solve tangible problems for your customers or users. Data collection from connected products can be used to identify patterns, alert the right people about system-level performance, understand user behaviors, and help support teams diagnose and resolve issues in …

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Getting the Most Success for Your Buck: Monetization Strategies for IoT

Monetization Strategies

An unrefined business model poses a significant risk to the success of your connected-product deployment. It’s important to carefully consider the applicable business models to identify one that best suits your product, organization, and target market. As you develop your model, make sure you examine the comprehensive impact to top line revenue, investment and ongoing …

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Best Practices in Remote Condition Monitoring for Smart Industrial Products Webinar

Gain more Exosite knowledge in this upcoming webinar with ARM! Mark your calendars for September 26th. Join Exosite CTO, Mark Benson, and ARM Senior Manager of Americas Business Development, Jim Carver, as they discuss the benefits, system architecture, and industry best practices for deploying highly secure remote condition monitoring solutions for smart industrial and factory …

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