Inside Exosite Podcast Kicks off with Scary Secure

Inside Exosite Podcast

Podcasts have been getting more popular, so we’re hopping on the bandwagon! Our first episode, Scary Secure, is an interview with Rob Viren, the author of our latest white paper Best Practices to Build a Pragmatic Security Strategy for Industrial IoT. We discuss the elements of security that organizations often overlook and how they can impact …

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The 3 Types of Digital Twin Maturity Models

Maturity Models

Maturity models for digital twins can be classified based on the level of information known about an asset and its environment (maturity). The maturity model shows how a digital twin can improve over time as more data (and derivative knowledge) is accumulated. The following describes a maturity model for digital twins and ways to classify …

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4 Best Practices for Modeling a Digital Twin

Model the Digital Twin

You know what a digital twin is if you’ve seen any of the news articles focusing on this emerging trend in IoT, but how do you develop a successful virtual sibling for your devices? There are four main practices to keep in mind when creating them: Model the Asset, Not the Sensors As discussed in …

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