Previewing the Key Solutions for IoT Integrations

Key Solutions

For Industrial OEMs, developing an IoT ecosystem that is versatile enough to support their multitude of divisions is a big challenge. This week’s blog will be a preview of information that will be covered in the upcoming IoT Framework series blogs, along with some background information that will get you up to speed. According to …

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Boxed Solution Providers: Buying Pre-packaged IoT Deals

Boxed Solution Providers

Creating a secure and thriving IoT ecosystem is a daunting task, so we’re here to help you maneuver the path to IoT success. Following up on last week’s Build or Buy blog which covered the pros and cons of infrastructure providers, we’re moving onto “puzzle-piece provider” number two: boxed solution providers. Boxed solution providers can …

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Sketching Out IoT Strategy for OEMs


This past Friday we released our newest white paper, IoT Platforms and Business Framework for Industrial OEMs, which launches this latest blog series. Each week, we will be covering new sections so that you can avoid common problems and get your organization well on the road to supporting a successful IoT ecosystem. IoT is one …

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Big Names with Select Pieces of the IoT Puzzle

Infrastructure Providers

As a leading industrial IoT platform provider, we, at Exosite, believe that our expertise should be shared with everybody. Successful IoT implementation can be risky and stressful, so we try to alleviate as much pain as possible. This week in the Build or Buy series, we continue investigating the buying options in the IoT puzzle …

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Setting the IoT Framework for Industrial Organizations

IoT Framework

We’ve been helping original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to deploy and manage their connected solutions for years, so we’ve decided to share our insights as an industrial IoT platform provider to ease the transformation. Our latest white paper, IoT Platform and Business Framework for Industrial OEMs, covers several of the components that need to be considered …

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