Exosite CTO Featured in Forbes—Five Avoidable IoT Pitfalls

Forbes Technology

Nothing worth doing is easy. Skipping your workout to catch up on Netflix—easy. Executing a successful, company-wide IoT-innovation program—not so much. Mark Benson, Exosite’s Chief Technology Officer, has been in the trenches and navigated the minefields of IoT implementation. He currently leads Exosite’s technology strategy, driving our industry leadership and growth. He’s previously led teams …

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Proof of Floatability: Testing Your IoT Projects

Proof of Floatability

In order to establish a lasting enterprise IoT framework, you need to see issues before they arise. Last week we covered how limited internal scope can ruin opportunities for true innovation, but there are easy steps to take when creating a connected product and overcoming the learning curves associated with IoT implementation. With our enterprise …

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Set Course for the Horizon: Internal Scope for OEMs

Internal Scope

Aligning your organization internally and encouraging cross-functional collaboration are only part of the battle while establishing an IoT framework for a multi-divisional company. Since we are an enterprise IoT-platform provider and work with large corporations like Parker Hannifin, we have the experience to highlight some of the common issues that organizations face when adapting to …

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