Experiences as a Judge at a Hackathon in Taiwan

20160819-21 臺大黑客松_9358

As I write this, I am on a plane home from judging the HackNTU event hosted at National Taiwan University in Taipei. The event included over 600 participants, judges, and sponsors from around the world. This was Asia’s largest hackathon, with developers working for 40 straight hours on high-intensity development. These projects were then judged …

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End-to-End IoT Security for your Solution

end to end IoT security

When thoroughly developed and implemented properly, an IoT solution allows companies to optimize new revenue streams and increase efficiency. Crafting an effective and appropriate IoT security strategy is one of the most important things an OEM must do. In addition to using the standard IoT platform security features identified in the previous blog segment of …

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Designing User Experience for an IoT Solution

Designing UX for an IoT Solution

The Internet of Things is about easing people’s lives through connectivity and efficiency, which  empowers people by linking them to data through an IoT solution.  Enabling access to this data or improving efficiency can be hindered by one key element, the user experience (UX). Whether it is a large-scale connected product fleets or an individual …

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We Helped Victor Build a Better Mouse Trap- Literally


Since the creation and implementation of a successful IoT solution is multifaceted, as well as fairly time consuming, Exosite strives to clarify and accelerate the process for our customers. Because of this, we have helped some of the world’s leading companies to deploy thousands of connected products, utilize their data as never before, and get …

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