May 6, 2019

Deployment in Complex Industrial Organizations


Deploying a connected product within a complex industrial organization can provide value to a variety of internal stakeholders. Sales and marketing teams gain better insight into customer needs, product teams learn more about performance in the field, technicians have enhanced data for service calls, and distributors can provide new value-added services.  


Developing and deploying a connected product within a complex industrial organization can be challenging for a number of reasons:

  • Organizations need the flexibility to accommodate their unique organizational layers (e.g., sales, marketing, go-to-market, support)
  • Distribution is often a part of the deployment process in industrial/mechanical industries, which adds a greater level of complexity to a connected solution
  • Organizations need to be able to assign users with specific roles and permissions (e.g., sales associates, technicians, managers) to define who can see what data, what individuals can manage users and devices, and what structure supports administration, installation, and day to day use
  • Organizations need the ability to assign ownership of connected devices and asset digital twins to the proper layer of the organizational hierarchy


Exosite’s ExoSense® condition monitoring application solves these challenges by providing a solution that was built on the notion that data organization and access needs are unique to every company. ExoSense has industrial-based hierarchies that accommodate any organizational structure at scale and with efficiency. Pre-configured user roles offer extensible starting points that ensure the right individuals can control, view, and manage data and permissions. Devices, users, and dashboards can also be containerized by divisions or physical sites to enable group-based browsing, fleet management, and map views. Finally, ExoSense’s Automation API streamlines device deployment within your optimized hierarchy.

Key Features

ExoSense provides the following features that are purpose-built for solution deployment within complex industrial organizations:

  • Flexible and limitless organizational group structure
  • Group-based browse, fleet management, and map views
  • Customizable roles that can control, view, and manage permissions
  • Grouping containers for connected devices, digital assets, users, and group dashboards
  • Automation API for device ownership management

Visit our documentation site to learn more about ExoSense group management and custom roles and permissions functionality.


Organizations leveraging ExoSense in complex industrial uses cases have been able to:

  • Develop a connected solution that accommodates their unique organizational structure, while remaining scalable and flexible.
  • Enable all areas of their organization to derive value from their solution, including sales, support, go-to-market, distribution partners, and customers.
  • Provide end-user experiences for internal and external stakeholders that are tailored to the goals and permissions of each role.