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The Company


Quarq makes innovative power performance trackers for elite and competitive cyclists.

The Business Challenge

New players suddenly crowded a market that was already narrow. With sales slowing and share eroding, Quarq needed to change the game.

The Opportunity

Ironically, this space was slow to innovate. Cyclists typically had to take a device off the bike and connect to a computer to upload information. Data was imprecise and the analytics came long after the ride was over.


What if  data helped athletes adjust the rides in real time?
What if fans could follow their sport even closer?

“This turned endurance into a true spectator sport. The struggle and power are right there for all to see. It’s sweat, quantified.”

— Race Organizer

The Solution

Cloud connectivity cut the cables typically associated with telemetry systems. QuarqNet debuted at the world’s premier endurance event. Audiences could now see real-time visual stats on each rider. Athletes calibrated and competed based on every pedal stroke. The sport was forever changed.

Exosite was a full partner in the development process:

Product design

Exosite collaborated on The Qollector - a physical device purpose-built to collect high-integrity bike data.

Cloud platform

Optimized communication for clean data with zero lag.

Telegraphic User Experience

Web-based UI visually maps data so it’s useful to focused riders and meaningful to fans.

Open APIs  = Opportunity

Data  sharing between Exosite and other third-party systems creates more brand engagement points and revenue sources.

The Results

Capitalized on a dramatic gap in the sport

For fans, athletes and commentators.

Defied commodization. Boosted sales & brand

QuarqNet is a stand-alone software technology that can be added to their existing power meter products. As the only company with this cutting-edge connectivity, Quarq increased awareness and positive brand perceptions, boosted sales of existing power meters, and positioned itself to capture an even bigger share of the global power meter market.

Transformed product line to open new markets

Cloud connectivity elevated Quarq’s product line from simple power meters to a complete power monitoring system, dramatically expanding market potential. Quarq can now apply their technology to sports beyond triathlons, increasing the stability and viability of their business model.

Built in-house capabilities without pressure

At project kickoff, Quarq had a goal to eventually build their own cloud infrastructure. Using Exosite’s cloud platform and engineering resources let the company deliver on domain expertise first: an innovative product for elite athletes. As the project progressed, they hired software engineers to build the internal capability to manage QuarqNet. This prioritization meant the best launch and a seamless transition.

Introduced an Enterprise Platform for Data Discovery

The system acts as a test platform to collect data on their engineering units and complete diagnostics on product function in the field.

“When we sit down with Exosite, we are sitting down with a small number of people who really know what they are talking about.”

— Jim Meyer, Quarq Co-Founder


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