Exosite Announces Exchange: An IoT Marketplace that Optimizes and Accelerates Connected-Product Development


We’ve announced Exchange, a curated library of reusable IoT elements, including industry-proven services, products and content, that enable industrial manufacturers to rapidly solve common IoT challenges. Exchange helps organizations implement a centralized approach to IoT development that focuses on standardization, reuse and collaboration to reduce costs and avoid duplicated efforts. With Exchange, organizations can expect to …

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Exosite CTO Featured in Forbes—Five Avoidable IoT Pitfalls

Frost & Sullivan Leadership Conference featuring Exosite's Mark Benson

Nothing worth doing is easy. Skipping your workout to catch up on Netflix—easy. Executing a successful, company-wide IoT-innovation program—not so much. Mark Benson, Exosite’s Chief Technology Officer, has been in the trenches and navigated the minefields of IoT implementation. He currently leads Exosite’s technology strategy, driving our industry leadership and growth. He’s previously led teams …

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