Exosite CTO Featured in Forbes—Five Avoidable IoT Pitfalls

Frost & Sullivan Leadership Conference featuring Exosite's Mark Benson

Nothing worth doing is easy. Skipping your workout to catch up on Netflix—easy. Executing a successful, company-wide IoT-innovation program—not so much. Mark Benson, Exosite’s Chief Technology Officer, has been in the trenches and navigated the minefields of IoT implementation. He currently leads Exosite’s technology strategy, driving our industry leadership and growth. He’s previously led teams …

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IoT Receives Attention from the White House

IoT White House

Last week, the Washington Post published an article describing how Homeland Security is advocating that the technology industry strengthens security protocols to protect millions of connected devices from hackers. Security has always been key in all innovations within the technology industry, but it has gained renewed focus within the IoT market due to the DDOS …

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