Sell into existing IIoT systems and lower the barrier for deployment.

Create and publish a new IoT Connector in minutes, transforming your connected product into a Product as a Service for use in hundreds of IIoT use cases.

Join our marketplace to find customers seeking ready-made IoT building blocks.

Every IoT Connector gets listed in our Exchange IoT marketplace where our customers will see it. If your product is well suited for a particular industry or capability, list those features so it will stand out.

Bundle with Our Vertical Solutions

We are always on the hunt for the perfect devices and sensors to include as part of our industry-specific bundles. These bundles are purchased by customers who are going to market with an overall solution and need ready-to-go hardware. Time to market in days.

One Stop Shop

Every IoT Connector Service allows your customers to choose where they want the device to connect. They can connect to an Exosite off-the-shelf application or to the IIoT environment of their choice.

Manage All Your Connected Products

Use our OEM management console for full lifecycle management of your devices. Our CI/CD tools allow you to manage development and production builds to ensure new features are deployed seamlessly.