Connect immediately to off-the-shelf sensors and devices.

Connect off the shelf devices, gateways, sensors, and other IoT clouds to your IoT environment with zero coding or firmware development with IoT Connector services.

Pre-configured hardware from our trusted ecosystem of partners.

Our OEMs and cloud partners have done all the work. IoT Connector Service devices are pre-configured, cloud-connected, and secure. Just buy the device and claim it to get started.

Lots to Choose From

Start your project with a simulator, Arduino IoT Connector, or other development kit, and add a production-ready IoT Connector when you are ready. No expensive restarts to development—get the hardware that makes sense for you now and keep charging forward.

Seamless Applications

Exosite’s IIoT applications work seamlessly with all IoT Connectors. Start with an application and add IoT Connectors, or start with a device and connect to the application of your choice. One click is all it takes to associate your device with an application.

EveryCloud™ Connectivity

Connect your device to the IIoT cloud of your choice. The no-coding device association process makes it easy to claim your device and manage where it connects. One device to many applications is natively supported, and the ExoSense® condition monitoring application is available out of the box.