Build your smart-product empire with Exchange, an IoT marketplace.

Leverage reusable solution elements—woven into the fabric of our IoT platform—to create an ecosystem for organizational alignment and company-wide success.

Exosite’s Exchange empowers IoT synergy.
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A curated library of reusable IoT elements awaits.

With Exchange’s industry-proven services, products, and content, you’ll solve common IoT challenges, fast. You can also create and share your own elements privately within your business to promote collaboration, or make them public to generate additional revenue through paid engagements.

Reduce Dev Costs

Slash your development costs by 50% with pre-integrated and pre-built components.

Get to Market Faster

Increase your speed to market by 30% with efficient solutions deployable at the click of a button.

Centralize Your Efforts

Break down barriers within your company and share your efforts to expedite the next project or product line.

The Exosite solution provided the architecture we needed to establish our own IoT standards and best practices, share and reuse elements across all Parker products and systems, and ultimately make our IoT platform economically scalable and sustainable.

Miguel Morales
Director of IoT Parker Hannifin