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A smarter way to develop, deploy, and manage your IoT-enabled products.

An IoT software platform is the core technology needed to power any IoT solution. Exosite’s enterprise IoT platform has the proven ability to fast-track connected-product success stories for commercial and industrial applications.

Hit the Ground Running

Avoid starting from scratch and investing heavily in IoT software development and upkeep. Leverage our end-to-end platform and ready-made solutions to significantly increase your speed to market.

Make it Your Own

Fit the way your business already works. Build your own IoT platform with Murano's agile framework, customizable options, and seamless integrations. See how Parker Hannifin developed their IoT platform with Murano.

Watch it Grow

Build on and repeat your success. Murano’s cloud infrastructure scales with you, allowing for multiple products and expanded service-integration capabilities, as well as reusable solution elements with Exchange.

Gain Valuable Knowledge

Make better-informed decisions based on new insights into your products and the people using them. Discover the untold story of your data with the aid of our analytics engine.

Ready-made to meet all your IoT software needs.

Launch the next generation of your product with Murano’s full spectrum of features and the assurance of highly-rated security, 24/7 monitoring, and access to our dedicated support services team and developer documentation.

Murano’s SaaS solution enables you to:

  • Manage your assets and device fleets
  • Collect and store data
  • Operationalize analytics and data-driven insights
  • Provide web and mobile applications for end users
  • Integrate with existing IT systems and public cloud services (e.g., Microsoft, AWS)
  • Cultivate a unique IoT ecosystem with reusable Exchange elements

We put Murano through its paces every day to make sure we have the best, most secure IoT platform available. We work hard to ensure that quality and security are a part of everything we build.

Chris Hanegraaf
Director of Quality Assurance