Enterprise IoT solutions to accelerate success.

Our turnkey solutions are purpose-built to power the most common IoT use cases. They’re proven to help you solve the toughest challenges fast, so you get to market even faster. See what our solutions can do for you. Schedule a demo now.

Deploy our production-ready IoT solutions:

As-is to quickly prove the value of your connected-product idea


Customized without writing code to meet your unique application needs

Remote Condition Monitoring

Gain insight into the health of mission-critical equipment in
smart-industrial applications to:

Reduce asset downtime

Enable predictive maintenance

Streamline and improve efficiencies

Increase aftermarket product sales

Home Automation Application Engine

Control and manage the status of devices in smart-home applications to:

data-driven customer insights

Create better customer experiences

one-of-a-kind products

Stay ahead
of your competitors

Don't see your use case?

Meet Exosite’s enterprise IoT solution framework.

Most IoT solutions use 80% of the same technical elements, regardless of the industry or application. We’ve put that reality to work with Micro-Vertical Engine, a solution framework that provides the features and accelerator technologies you need to quickly create an end-to-end experience for ANY IoT use case.

Talk to us about your use case.

Built on the Murano IoT platform, Micro-Vertical Engine offers the security and scalability required for enterprise IoT solutions, while reducing development costs, accelerating time to market, and maintaining the flexibility for customization.

Micro-Vertical Engine powers our Remote Condition Monitoring and Home Automation Application Engine solutions—use it in the same way to power yours.

Ready-to-use features and accelerator technologies:

Responsive web and mobile application framework

Solution templates for your unique business

Enterprise integrations to get data where you need it most