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IoT Top 11 of the Charts: 2016 Forrester Wave Report

IoT Top 11

In the latestForrester Report, Exosite was chosen as one of the 11 “most significant” IoT platform providers on the market. This was a well-earned pat on the back for all of our accomplishments in 2016, since big names like IBM, PTC, GE, and Microsoft are well-known players. We are honored to be included, especially when we are an under-200-employee company facing off against giants. But the small can be mighty.

Here at Exosite, we strive to be more than just a supplier that connects your devices and leaves you to figure out what to do with them. In fact, we have experience helping companies develop completeconnected product strategies, and that is just a little piece of our knowledge. We partner with our clients to make sure that they are truly prepared for IoT at every phase of their journey.

Creating a successfulIoT ecosystemis complicated and possessinga solid foundation of technical expertise is just the beginning. Having internalbusiness alignmentand an understanding of the economics of IoT is essential for laying the foundations. Keep in mind that implementing a new technology will spurchangein your organization, andhow you manage that change can mean the difference between success and failure.

We have helped some of the world’slargest organizationsdevelop the internal strategies that support their new technology, as well asget to marketwith their connected products quickly. This also enables them to get an extra boost on the competition with new offerings andadded valueto their products.

To boost youroperational efficienciesand gain insights into how your products are doing in the field, sign up for our IoT platform,Murano, today. If you’d like further convincing, check out our customer success stories.


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