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What is Murano?

Over the past 7 years, we've learned a lot about how our customers use Exosite to successfully launch IoT products into some of the most demanding markets in the world. We've incorporated this knowledge and expertise into Murano, an IoT software platform that was purpose-built to provide everything you need, from the first mile to the last, to create sophisticated connected solutions that are scalable, reliable, and secure.

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Blog Posts

Making Exosite’s Quality Assurance Better, Faster, Stronger

Exosite quality assurance
  • August 30, 2016

With our breakthrough Murano platform release, Exosite’s Quality Assurance team has been hard at work creating and running tests to ensure that the released code is doing exactly what is expected and more importantly, what our customers expect. QA took a more modern approach to how we verify, validate, and release Murano builds by using …

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Solid Technical Foundations with Exosite’s Murano Platform (Inside Exosite: Technical Series)

Inside Exosite's Murano Platform
  • August 10, 2016

From a business perspective, time-to-market is one of the most critical aspects of a successful IoT connected product launch, as it can impact both competitive advantage and key marketing dates (CES, anyone?).  But for engineers, minimizing time-to-market is almost always at odds with features, forcing difficult conversations around what absolutely must be built versus what …

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Business Transformation: Overcoming the Pitfalls of IoT

Inside Exosite, Leadership Series

IoT Expertise: People. Process. Products.

Inside Exosite, Leadership Series

Exosite's Open Philosophy: Enabling IoT Innovation

Inside Exosite, Leadership Series

Press Releases

Exosite Unveils Murano: A Breakthrough IoT Platform to Help Corporations Develop and Deliver Connected Products to Market Faster

MINNEAPOLIS – June 15, 2016 – Exosite, LLC, a leading provider in the Internet of Things (IoT) platform market, today launched Murano, a breakthrough cloud-based IoT software platform that enables an end-to-end ecosystem to help customers develop and deliver connected products. With its seamless device connectivity, inherent security and third-party integration, Murano helps organizations create …

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