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Upcoming Exhibitions

Find Exosite at these events around the world
X Sensors Expo & Conference
San Jose, CA

Mark Benson will present the five key behaviors that successful organizations demonstrate during their digital transformation at Sensors Expo & Conference in San Jose, California. Join him at the 9:15 am keynote on Wednesday, June 28th to learn more about key indicators of success in IoT implementation, as well as how smart connected products will …

X IoT Slam
Durham, NC

Mark Benson will present “Building an Organizational IoT Competency: How to Prevent Disaster” from 10:30–10:55 am in Room A at IoT Slam in Durham, North Carolina on June 22nd. He will discuss the five key behaviors that successful organizations embrace when starting an IoT journey, as well as how connected products will redefine markets and …

X Securing the Internet of Things: Cyber-Physical Systems
Minneapolis, MN

Join Exosite CTO Mark Benson and other cybersecurity experts for a night of Q&A. As millions more medical, energy, commercial, and consumer products come online, the lack of design for security becomes a larger issue. These security experts will discuss the impacts of security design and how to illuminate the path toward a more secure …

X IoT Serious

From superb technology to company-wide adoption of important IoT security principles, our panel of experts will cover best practices from CEO to engineer that keep your people and systems secure. Join our IoT Serious webinar at 12:15 (CST) on May 18th and start building an organizational culture of safety today.

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