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Upcoming Exhibitions

Find Exosite at these events around the world
XOffshore Technology Conference
Houston, TX

We’ll be in booth 3639 with Parker Hannifin at the Offshore Technology Conference this May. Stop by and connect with one of our IoT experts to exchange ideas on how to utilize IoT in offshore technology. Unleash the true potential of your products and defeat downtime by collecting and analyzing the data.

XIoT Serious

From superb technology to company-wide adoption of important IoT security principles, our panel of experts will cover best practices from CEO to engineer that keep your people and systems secure. Join our IoT Serious webinar at 12:15 (CST) on May 4th and start building an organizational culture of safety today.

XHannover Messe
Hanover, Germany

Exosite is returning to the world’s industrial hotspot, Hannover Messe, this April! We’ll be bringing IoT expertise to the Parker Hannifin booths in the MDA and ComVac Halls. Come meet with IoT experts, including Exosite CTO Mark Benson, to discuss where you are in your IoT journey and gain new insight into how to implement …

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