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Murano simplifies the complexity of connecting products with a platform that was purpose-built by engineers who understand how products are developed, manufactured, and deployed. With easy-to-use APIs and integrated tools to manage critical IoT functionality, Murano enables large-volume connected product deployments that are secure and scalable.


Built-in support to manage device status, deploy firmware updates, and control versioning. Updates can be rolled out simultaneously to all devices or dynamically.

Device Connectivity
& Security

A device connectivity layer that enables developers to quickly connect devices and communicate data over encrypted connections using industry-standard TLS protocol.


A scalable, secure provisioning interface that provides the flexibility OEMs need to adapt to the manufacturing and in-field provisioning needs of individual applications.

Open Access

Designed to be compatible with almost any embedded hardware configuration, regardless of the constraints of a device’s onboard capabilities.

Dashboard Builder

Quickly build, configure, and deploy dashboards to visualize device data. Easily set up viewing access per permission rights.

Embedded SDK

The ExositeReady™ Embedded SDK provides developers with a quality embedded port to some of the most common Wi-Fi- and Ethernet-based embedded platforms.

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Gateway Engine

Exosite’s Gateway Engine framework includes functionality like auto-provisioning, device management, in-field firmware updates, and more to expedite gateway design.

Development Libraries

Open source libraries for C, C++, Python, Java, .NET, Node, Go, and more to help jumpstart development.

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Flexible Data Schemes

Develop, maintain, and update complex data schemes that are based on device metadata, data sources, device groups, access policies, processing elements, events, and alerts.

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Turn your connected products into complete connected solutions with user applications, custom services, and integrations. Murano’s comprehensive suite of solution features provide everything solution architects need to quickly navigate data-to-application integration without requiring years of IoT expertise.

Roles & Permissions

Integrated user services provide a powerful, off-the-shelf permissions scheme that includes authentication, management, and role definition that can be built into application permissions.

Solution API

Define custom web-service APIs that tailor interactions with device data - decide exactly what context, application logic and device/user access make sense for individual solutions.


Static application file hosting that enables a full application to be hosted with Exosite. Develop a complete IoT system in one place that is backed by technical support and 24/7 monitoring.

Service Data Routing
and Event Logic

Set thresholds and limits with a powerful event logic system. Dispatch services send alerts via SMS, email, or HTTP when limits have been reached.


A rich set of application libraries make it easy to design, configure, and deploy native applications that interface with the Murano platform.

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Secure time-stamped, key/value data storage for solutions. All data is continually replicated across servers.


A powerful engine to process real-time data streams and automate processes. Easily parse raw data packets and perform conversion data as it comes in.


Integrate with other cloud service providers, leverage Exosite’s pre-integrated partner solutions, or create custom cloud-to-cloud connectivity.


Access a wide range of pre-integrated partner technologies to accelerate IoT deployment. All add-on services are backed and managed by Exosite.

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Leverage the power of Murano to transform your connected products and solutions into a complete data-driven business. With enterprise-grade enablement features, Murano integrates seamlessly into your business so you can unlock the true value of IoT and fuel your transformation to a connected product company.

Administrative Controls

Easy-to-use administration tools to manage data level settings and configurations for solutions built on Exosite.

System and Usage Reporting

Analyze, optimize, and understand consumption patterns with rich resource-usage tools that allow for real-time solution monitoring.

Solution Templates

Vertical application templates identify starting points for products, data routing, user roles, and application content to reduce time-to-market.

Business Software Integration

Leverage third-party integrations like Salesforce, Twilio, and other CRM, business reporting, and analytics tools, as well as cloud-based dispatch and data services.

Solutions Monitoring

Tools to provide end-to-end insights across several solutions, enabling deep visibility into overall performance.

Data Discovery

Gain knowledge and operational insights with comprehensive tools for data browsing, visualization, and exporting.

Access Control

Decide exactly who can view and access different levels of account level information, creating hierarchies and display options quickly and securely.

Security Management

Manage SSL certificates and DNS, even integrate monitoring services against Murano, so IT operations continue to run smoothly and securely.

Standardization Tools

Integrate with source-control practices and reuse common components to create consistency and minimize duplication.

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