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An intensive workshop primarily for developers and tech professionals. This two-day training session focuses on developing and supporting IoT applications built on the Exosite platform from both a technical and a business perspective. Take your connected product to the next level with hands-on technical training labs, one-on-one interaction with product experts, and in-depth discussions on fundamental IoT topics, including organizational readiness, business modeling, and production support.


A solid connected product strategy begins with a thorough understanding of IoT. Exosite’s Pivot seminar provides a holistic overview of IoT, including the IoT components necessary to create a successful solution, the struggles often experienced by organizations along the way, and the best practices that increase success.


A two day-long workshop for product managers and manufacturers. This workshop helps you develop a concrete, comprehensive strategy to transition into the global, connected economy. Held on-site with your team, you leave with a clear path to IoT success.


Mosaic has been designed to provide the fuel that large, multi-divisional organizations need to make a company-wide transition to IoT. Mosaic’s clear, five-stage process catalyzes internal innovation to generate connected product ideas, explore their viability from a business perspective, and identify those worthy of continued investment.


Take advantage of the deep, precise knowledge required to bring your business into the IoT generation. Our training solutions can guide you through a customized process based on your business goals.

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