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Exosite Welcomes Lizabeth Converse, COO, to the Team

Lizabeth Converse, Exosite COO

Here at Exosite, we’re a team that is passionate about sharing our expertise and enabling companies to ease their integration within the realm of IoT. Our company has been strengthened by our latest addition to leadership, Lizabeth Converse as the company’s Chief Operating Officer (COO).

Converse is a highly respected technology executive and business advisor who has helped numerous technology companies develop strategic business initiatives that advance organizational missions and accelerate growth. As COO of Exosite, Converse is responsible for shaping the corporate strategy, identifying growth opportunities, ensuringcustomer successand overseeing daily operations.  

“Exosite continues to experience strong market adoption of both ourMurano IoT platformandBusiness Transformation Services—this level of rapid growth has driven our need for a strong operations leader to support our dynamic business,” saidHans Rempel, CEO of Exosite. “Lizabeth has a proven track record of identifying and fostering growth opportunities with specific expertise in the IoT and security sectors. Her contributions to our organization’s strategy and expansion plans will enable Exosite to capture greater market share at an accelerated pace.”

“Exosite represents a unique combination of truly differentiated technology, subject matter expertise and a passion for ensuring customer success,” said Converse.  “I am confident that Exosite will play a leadership role in the evolving IoT industry and I am very excited to be part of this journey as we help customers launch the IoT generation of their businesses, unlockingnew revenue streamsand opportunities for moreefficient operations.”

About Lizabeth Converse
Prior to joining Exosite, Converse was a founder and managing partner of White Pine Consulting Group, where she worked with high-growth technology companies to accelerate their go-to-market and business-development strategies. Previously, Converse held executive management positions at both Avaya Communications and Lucent Technologies. At Avaya, she was the general manager for service-provider solutions responsible for Avaya’s communication solutions. During her tenure at Lucent, Converse led strategy and marketing for the IP networking group.


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