Smart homes start with intelligent IoT applications.

Our Home Automation Application Engine powers production-ready IoT applications, so you’ll deliver smarter home-automation products, faster than the other guys.

With Exosite’s out-of-the-box toolkit, you’ll significantly reduce development time, lower investment costs, and increase ROI.

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This all-purpose solution serves a wide range of home-automation IoT applications like:


Air Conditioning



Stand out in the smart-home marketplace with insight-powered outcomes, remote device configuration, and streamlined customer service.

The Home Automation Application Engine’s
ready-to-use features include:

  • Easily customizable application UI
  • Voice-control-system integrations (e.g., Amazon, Google)
  • Platform-to-platform communication
  • End-to-end security
  • Product and user analytics
  • User-friendly control modules and alerts
  • Regular new feature rollouts

Exosite’s enterprise solutions are powered by Murano, our core IoT platform.