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We partner with the world’s largest organizations to develop and deploy successful IoT ecosystems in a matter of months, rather than years.

Murano, a Better IoT Platform

Our IoT platform, Murano, is the best way to swiftly create a solution that is both reliable and secure. Murano features allow you to quickly connect your devices, create entire IoT ecosystems, and transform your organization, all while maintaining complete ownership over your data and solutions.

What's in It for You?


Access the tools and knowledge
you need to successfully implement
IoT in any industry.

Super Speed
(to market)

Starting points and templates
reduce your time to connectivity
and remote reporting drastically.


Gain new insights into how
your devices are working and
being used in the field.

What You Get with a
Free Account


static_check 10 devices to connect & manage

static_check No pressure to upgrade

static_check Free community support

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